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Nairobi Airport: new fire in a terminal

Smaller and more contained than in August 2013

This morning for a few hours a departure terminal for the "Jomo Kenyatta" airport in Nairobi had to remain closed due to a fire caused by an electrical malfunction of the baggage conveyor belts. The flames forced the authorities to evacuate staff and passengers, moving control and flight operations to the other terminals so as not to create further disruption to the smooth running of air transport. On the spot the Kenyan firefighters intervened who proceeded to extinguish the fire, which caused no serious damage, so much so that from the early local afternoon the normal airport activities in the terminal resumed.

It is not the first time that the main airport of the country and one of the most important in all of Africa is affected by a fire, because already in August 2013 it was hit hard by the flames that totally destroyed the area used for arrivals and international departures (see AVIONEWS).

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