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Tirana Airport: robbery for 10 million Euro

Muggers managed to get into the hold of an airplane

Spectacular robbery today at Tirana airport, where a group of robbers managed to enter the parking lots of the airport using a fake police car and managed to get close to an airplane waiting to start taxiing. Once in the vicinity of the aircraft, the muggers entered the hold and seized the load of money that had to be transferred abroad, succeeding in concluding a € 10 million coup. Once the money was taken, the robbers fled running into a police patrol - which had been put on alert - but managed to escape after firing on the officers, who managed to kill one of the group of criminals.

The car was found in flames about 20 kilometers from the airport, while the police and special forces -with the help of helicopters- are trying to track down the robbers. A blow that raises the alarm on the security levels of the Tirana airport, from which planes take off with European destinations every day.

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