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USA. Drones: pressure on the Secretary of Transportation for a standard to identify drones

FAA should publish a regulation for July

Some US senators have urged the Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to prepare a standard that allows remote identification of commercial drones (UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), thus giving the legislators of vote for it and make it applicable. The Congress in 2016 commissioned the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to issue a regulation to allow law enforcement, military, federal agencies in charge of security (including air) to identify and identify drones during their flight, so as to be able to control them and avoid that there are possible violations through the use of unauthorized UAVs. Not only that, according to the senators, remote identification "will improve security, privacy and will enable law enforcement to respond quickly in case of danger".

The federal civil aviation agency has announced that the regulation will be ready by July 21st, but this had to be made public already since last year even if due to a series of delays it was decided to postpone it for 12 months. The problem is related to the fact that there is no agreement between the manufacturing industries and federal agencies both on software and hardware requirements for remote identification and on possible breaches of operators' privacy. A key theme that must however be weighed against the need to increase the control of UAVs, which are increasingly identified in the airspace of the airports or on places of public gathering.

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