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SSJ-100 airplane crash (5): it is a controversy on the relief efforts

The fire-fighting vehicles were not on-runway: the images say it -VIDEO

The unfortunate series of events that led to the incident in the late afternoon yesterday on a Superjet 100 aircraft of the Russian airline Aeroflot is now more or less outlined: the plane took off after Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport towards Murmansk -flight SU1492-. Twenty-eight minutes after take-off, the aircraft, presumably struck by lightning, reverses course and sends a request to land in emergency at Sheremetyevo. A first landing attempt fails because of bad weather. The second one succeeds, but the landing is hard and in this phase one of the two fuel tanks is presumably damaged. The left one. The plane is on the run: the fuel catches fire; the flames envelop the left wing of the airplane while the fuel that comes out of it becomes incandescent lava: a long tongues of fire that mark the passage of the aircraft along the runway. The images are clear, even those taken by a passenger on board the plane (see AVIONEWS).

The films, however, highlight another aspect that is sparking a flurry of controversy on the web: no help is seen. After the sending the request to land in emergency 28 minutes after take-off, after an aborted landing attempt, the second attempt, successful, is expected to see on board the firefighting vehicles, and ambulances. It is expected especially in what is called one of the major airports to serve the capital Moscow, which is only 30 kilometers away. On social media ask "will someone explain why the plane is on a runway without emergency vehicles? In other words, where did the fire trucks go while in the meantime people are suffocating because of the fumes?", just to mention a tweet, which someone replied: "Perhaps it should be Sheremetyevo, and not Aeroflot, to explain it" ...

The video below raises the question spontaneously: while those who succeed in ascending flee on foot, where are the rescuers?

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