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SSJ-100 plane crash: the black boxes recovered

The investigative committee, set up by Medvedev, at work -VIDEO

The two black boxes (actually orange in color) were recovered of the Aeroflot Superjet 100 plane and caught fire on the second emergency landing attempt on the runway of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport in the late afternoon of last Sunday. In the hands of the Investigative Committee set up by Prime Minister Medvedev a few hours after the tragedy are now the Flight Data Recorder (FDR), which records numerical flight parameters, and the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), which records the sounds present in the cabin of piloting, which will be decoded as soon as possible, contributing in a decisive manner to understanding the dynamics of the unfortunate accident.

Team investigators carried out surveys both on the runway and on the wreckages of the plane. A fuel sample was also taken from the aircraft tanks and the airport's fuel storage facility. Investigators also plan to examine footage from the airport surveillance cameras and radio conversations with air traffic controllers. Once the fire that enveloped most of the rear section of the aircraft was extinguished (see news AVIONEWS 1 and 2, 3) there were 41 victims out of the 78 people on board, including 5 crewmembers (one died along with 40 passengers).

The plane took off after 6 pm on Sunday from the same Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport to Murmansk, about 780 nautical miles from the Russian capital. The SU1492 flight should have lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. But after only 28 minutes from takeoff the pilot reversed course asking to land in emergency (probably, according to an unconfirmed thesis, after being struck by lightning). Easy to guess the quantity of fuel still in the tanks (which presumably the pilot has not emptied before making the two landing attempts), ignited once the aircraft touched the ground causing the large number of victims.

Added to this the delay in rescue operations: from the numerous videos you can clearly see the plane stopped on the runway, prey to the flames and smoke while some occupants disembark from the chute running away without any form of assistance or rescue.

The authorities announced that they had recovered the remains of the 41 victims yesterday, while other aspects that could have contributed to the accident were examined by investigators, including a technical malfunction, poor maintenance, weather conditions, human error, such as by practice.

In the video below, investigators and technicians carry out surveys on the wreckages of the Superjet 100 aircraft, also recovering the two black boxes:

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