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USA: AA pilot arrested at the boarding for triple murder

Charged for crimes committed in 2015 in Kentucky

Arrested for an event happened in 2015. But it was a triple crime, for which a jury indicted him last Friday. This is the 51-year-old Christian Richard Martin, accused of the murder of husband and wife, Calvin and Pamela Phillips, and of a neighbor, Edward Dansereau. Calvin Phillips was found shot and killed in the basement of his home in Pembroke, Kentucky. While the bodies of his wife and Dansereau were found in a burned car owned by Calvin Phillips in a cornfield a few miles away. According to the attorney general of Kentucky Andy Beshear, author of the murders was Martin himself, probably because Calvin Phillips had an affair with his wife. After the murders the man moved from Kentucky to North Carolina, where he had found work as a pilot for the American Airlines carrier.

At the time of his arrest last Saturday, Martin was at Louisville airport, already in the cockpit and ready to take off with a plane full of passengers to Charlotte. American Airlines has announced that Martin has been working for its regional carrier PSA Airlines as the first Bombardier CRJ airplane officer since January 2018. His criminal record had been checked and did not present any defects that could inhibit his employment as pilot of commercial plane. His position is however suspended pending clarification on the case.

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