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Trump on a State visit to London

Great commercial expectations from three days in the UK -2 VIDEO

The American president Donald Trump and the first lady Melania landed this morning from the "Air Force One" presidential plane coming from Maryland, at London-Stansted airport for a three-day official visit, the third one by a White House president completes in United Kingdom under the monarchy of Elizabeth II. Beyond skirmishes and exchanges of "compliments" on Twitter during these hours between Trump and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, there are great expectations about the fruits of this State visit: "I think there is an opportunity for a great deal and we will see how it works", said the American president.

From London, Trump and Melania were taken by helicopter to Buckingham Palace where, met by Carlo and his wife, Camilla, they met Queen Elizabeth.

In the three-day period the presidential couple will meet all the members of the Royal family on several occasions, even if it is on the agenda of political and industrial meetings that media attention is focused. Trump will have lunch tomorrow with Theresa May's resigning prime minister. Below the welcome received by the couple at Buckingham Palace:

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