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Fanatic group threatens to paralyze Heathrow airport

In June and July, the airspace was invaded with drone aircraft

They are called Extinction Rebellion (XR), and they are a socio-political movement that protests in a peaceful way against climate change, biodiversity loss, the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse. And they decided to invade with drone aircraft the airspace of the London-Heathrow airport, the busiest in Europe and the seventh in the world for transited passengers. Specifically, it requires the London government to be sensitive to the climate emergency by stopping the expansion of the airport. "On June 18 we intend to conduct non-violent direct actions to ensure that the Heathrow authorities close the airport for the whole day", acknowledging in fact "the genocidal impact that high-carbon activities, such as air transport, they have on the ecosystem", a statement reports it. The statement goes on to threats: "If the government does not cancel the Heathrow expansion, Extinction Rebellion will act to paralyze the airport for a maximum of 10 days starting from July 1st".

"It is not a question of hitting passengers -stresses XR-, but of inducing the government to assume its responsibilities in terms of ecological emergency. The addition of the planned third runway would make Heathrow the largest carbon emitter in the UK; expand the airport in this critical point of history it would be madness".

"We understand that the action will cause problems for a large number of holidaymakers. However we believe that it is necessary given the prospect of much more serious interruptions provoked by ecological and social collapse, if we do not act immediately. Vacationers are giving notice to modify their travel plans".

"This is an action that if implemented could affect the safety of aircraft, the lives of passengers and that of our colleagues", replied an airport spokesman. "We agree with the need to act on climate change, but this requires us to work together constructively, without committing serious criminal offenses to the detriment of hard-working people who are preparing to spend a well-deserved vacation".

Of course the police authorities' alert is maximum: "We will develop articulated plans in response to these threats and we will take decisive action against any protester who tries to cause interruptions at Heathrow and access routes by committing crimes. The airport is part of the "Our national infrastructure and we will not allow illegal activities of any kind to cause inconvenience to thousands of travellers. We therefore urge you to rethink all those who intend to take part in the protest by committing crimes albeit with peaceful ends", a local police spokesman said.

Although at the time XR said it was a stranger, in hindsight it is easy to understand instead its direct involvement in the series of Gatwick and Heathrow space invasions by drones of unknown origin, which on several occasions interrupted the stopover activities between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Technical tests for the invasion that will bring the infrastructure to its knees in the period of maximum traffic from here to mid-July?

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