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Drone aircraft invade airspace at Changi airport, Singapore

CAAS Authority takes measures that delay and redirect takeoffs and landings

After yesterday and today some drone planes were spotted in the Singapore-Changi airspace, to answer questions from both the media and passengers the local civil aviation authority confirmed several "drone sightings on social networks unauthorized in flight near the airport of Changi on 18 and 19 June 2019. To ensure the safety of the operations of passengers and aircraft, operations on a runway were suspended for short periods of time between 11pm on the 18th June and 9am on June 19. During this time the Changi airport continued to operate with only one runway, totaling around 37 flights (including departures and arrivals), with an incoming flight redirected on Kuala Lumpur", reads the note.

The authority also announced that "A mixed team has been activated which includes staff from the Singapore Civil Aviation, CAAS, Changi Airport Group, the Armed Forces of Singapore and the National Police, in charge of search operations and location of the intruders and their remote pilot. Investigations are underway". The note concludes: "These authorities seriously consider all flight operations of unmanned remote-controlled aircraft (UAVs, or drones), which may constitute, even if unintentionally, a threat to air transport, or endanger the personal safety of others, and they will not hesitate to take measures against those who violate the regulations. Violators could be fined up to USD 20,000, or imprisonment for a period of up to 12 months, or both".

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