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The Milky Way's central bar has been reconstructed

First step to find out how it was formed and evolved - VIDEO

Thanks to a research carried out by the University of Barcelona coordinated by the astronomer Friedrich Anders, it was possible to make a 3D reconstruction of the galactic bar of the Milky Way: it was achieved this goal through the mapping and measurement of distances of 150 million stars from the "Gaia" mission by the European Space Agency (ESA) combined with the results by other terrestrial and space telescopes. The Gaia satellite, launched in 2013, has the task of cataloging about a billion stars. The research objective  is to carry out very high-precision astrometric measurements (see AVIONEWS). This is the first step in discovering how the "Milky Way" has formed and evolved; the next release of data by Gaia is scheduled for 2021.

See the ESA video about the galactic bar:

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