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Amazonia devoured by flames: images from Copernicus and NASA

Fire record in 2019 - PHOTO

The lung of the Earth continues to burn without stopping: denounced by the National Institute for Space Research of Brazil (INPE) the sad record of 2019 with 72,843 fires that are devastating the Amazon. The largest rainforest on the planet, home to countless species of fauna and flora, produces 20% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere and plays a crucial role in containing global warming.

The European Earth observation satellite program Copernicus has published a map showing the fires that are spreading all over Brazil on the eastern Atlantic coast. NASA also released the images. Smoking has covered almost half of the country, is pouring into neighboring Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay and reached San Paolo: the "New York Times" journalist Shannon Sims has published some photos on August 20th showing a pitch black sky and the sun covered by smoke and ash.

INPE had made public only a few days ago the worrying increase in deforestation (about two soccer fields in the Amazon rainforest are destroyed every minute every day) and given the criticisms consequently received, Jain Bolzonaro president of Amazonia, dismissed in July the director of the institute Ricardo Galvao, a 71-year-old physicist and engineer who declared at a meeting at the University of San Paolo (USP): "Scientists cannot be silent, we must demonstrate our strength, we cannot lower the guard".

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