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North Korea and China getting closer and closer

"Strategic" Alliance

While the ties between China and the United States are getting colder, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un promised to strengthen relations with Beijing today, considering the alliance between the two countries a "strategic" option and stated: "I will make every effort to continue and glorify the great friendship between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and China on the road to socialism and thus be able to achieve a brighter future".

Last week, Pyongyang expressed its willingness to restart talks with the United States but urged Washington to present a new acceptable proposal, including health measures and security guarantees for its regime through a peace treaty.

An international situation that seems to be configured in a rather sinister manner: on the one hand the United States in economic war with China, on the other hand Russia which also intensifies its relationship with the People's Republic of China (which these days is carrying out the "Tsentr 2019" joint military exercise with Moscow, see AVIONEWS) and South Korea, which weaves ever more intense relations with Beijing.

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