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"Brexit": possible EU-UK agreement in the next few hours

Johnson grants and the "Queen's Speech" - VIDEO

It is very likely that the much feared "no-deal" will be averted: in the next few hours the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom could draw up an agreement on the "Brexit". According to "Guardian on-line" Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have agreed to make concessions on the Irish border. Meanwhile, France has declared itself satisfied with the positive negotiations between Brussels and London. The EU's chief negotiator for "Brexit" Michel Barnier said: "Although it is increasingly difficult an agreement with the United Kingdom is still possible this week". On the sidelines of yesterday's EU Council, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that if a meeting point could not be found it is likely that there will be an extraordinary leader summit in the coming days.

Following the "rumors" the pound has exceeded $ 1.2750 and in the cross with the Euro has reached the five-month highs.

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II broke the tradition for the first time in over 65 years, choosing not to wear the diamond-studded crown during the "Queen's speech", a speech given by the sovereign and prepared by the Government after a solemn ceremonial. In a passage of it she said: "The European citizens who have contributed to the British economy" will have the right to remain "after the Brexit".

Below, a video on the speech of the English Queen:

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