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UTC: Boeing will produce 42 B-737 MAX aircraft a month

Considerations that come after the analysts' doubts

Akhil Johri, financial director of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) said that Boeing will continue to produce 42 B-737 MAX planes a month in 2019, dispelling fears of a manufacturing pause that could cost billions of dollars in losses.

Considerations that arrive the day after several analysts have raised doubts about the ability of the US aircraft industry to continue manufacturing grounded airplanes given the uncertainty over the period of time required to allow these planes to return later at the stop due to fatal accidents that occurred five months later in Indonesia and Ethiopia (see AVIONEWS).

"We continue to work with Boeing on a daily basis", Johri said, adding that UTC will have more clarity about the production plan by January 2020.

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a so-called "conglomerate" US multinational, meaning it has several divisions in multiple economic sectors. The operations headquarters is located in Hartford, Connecticut. It is a company that researches, develops and produces in numerous fields, including airplane and helicopters and industrial products. It is also active in the military field, with the manufacture of missile systems and military aircraft including the "Black Hawk" helicopter. The group's core was founded in 1929 as United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, from the merger of Boeing, Chance Vought, Hamilton Standard, Pratt and Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft. In 1934, following the "Air Mail Act" antitrust law, United Aircraft and Transport was divided into three independent companies: Boeing, United Aircraft, and United Airlines.

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