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Alitalia: the hypothesis of the "stew" appears

In any case, thousands of redundancies

For Alitalia there have been several hypotheses following the non-presentation of the binding offer: from the liquidation to the mini-referral to the management with a super-commissioner, but it has not been decided yet what will be the fate of former flag carrier. After yesterday's meeting between commissioners Stefano Paleari, Enrico Laghi and Daniele Discepolo at the Mise (Ministry of Economic Development) with Stefano Patuanelli the hypothesis of "stew" appears: the current could be divided into two Alitalia: one for the flight part and the rest the land section with over 3000 redundancies on about 11,500 employees. This would lead to a new "revolutionized" model that would meet the demands of Lufthansa, willing to invest only in exchange for deep restructuring with a "cut of heads" that would involve over 5000 people (see AVIONEWS). Although the German carrier has promised "surplus" pilots to fly them with Air Dolomiti or other companies in its group. For the other slides will be studied towards to the pension, or other forms of expansive solidarity (no rescue for the rest of the employees?).

The new bridge loan of EUR 400 million can only be disbursed when a "Newco" is formed.

The Italian president of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, said yesterday: "With Patuanelli we are working intensely to permitt Alitalia speaks Italian. Whether it will have to talk to Americans or Germans will depend on who will offer more support to revive the Italian industrial plan. On this we are quite neutral. Dialogue is very started with Delta, we are trying to finalize but it must be an industrial plan because the rescue makes you breathe but does not offer a solution and perspective. I trust it can immediately get to industrial relaunch with partners, but if necessary we do not exclude a restructuring".

Delta is the only one that has declared its intention to invest in the company with EUR 100 million  (10% of the "Newco"), but the economic conditions of the US carrier in the long haul have not convinced the other stakeholder of the consortium with the withdrawal of Atlantia (already overloaded by the new documents regarding the Ponte Morandi, the request for the reduction of motorway tariffs by 5% per year as requested and the phantom of the withdrawal of concessions).

The current commissioners will not leave until the government mandate is completed, in spite of the hypothesis of possible resignations.

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