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France paralyzed by protests: planes grounded, emergency hospitals

Demonstrations and strikes for the Macron pension reform

France is blocked by strikes against the pension reform of President Emmanuel Macron. More than 240 demonstrations are active and have caused ground planes, stationary trains, closed schools, hospitals available to welcome only emergencies. Macron would like to cancel the "special pension schemes" and while hundreds of yellow vests are joining the initiative, there are fears of the arrival of about a thousand black blocks and violent protests. It is possible to circulate 1 train out of 10, almost all the lines of the Parisian underground have been closed and many aircraft stopped: hundreds of flights cancelled by EasyJet, Ryanair, British Airways and Air France. The latter will keep the long routes but 30% of internal connections and 15% of those in Europe will not be served.

Most of the "radar-men" of the control towers will participate in the protests and further cancellations are expected.

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