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"Brexit": ok by Parliament

Now the Queen's signature

British Parliament has given the go-ahead to the ratification law of the "Brexit" agreement. Boris Johnson, exultant, said: "This means that on January 31st we will leave the EU and move forward like a United Kingdom. It was thought that we would never cross the finish line, but we did it. Now we can leave behind three years of divisions and recriminations and focus on an exciting future with better schools and hospitals, safer roads and opportunities extended to every corner of our country" (see AVIONEWS).

Now the last steps necessary to make the legislation come into force is the Queen's signature (scheduled for today) with confirmation of the European Parliament.

Martin Callanan, Minister of State for "Brexit", was also satisfied with the result: "We are at the end of a long journey, a result that some of us had thought would never come".

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency