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Italian Coast Guard on "Aquarius" ship: situation update

This morning the naval unit was supplied with food and basic necessities

We receive from the Italian Coast Guard and publish an update on the complex situation about the "Aquarius" ship.

"Currently it is in international waters between Sicily and the island of Malta with 629 migrants on board.

The ship, constantly in contact with the National Maritime Rescue Coordination Center of the Coast Guard of Rome (IMRCC), is monitored by Coast Guard patrol boats with health personnel on board, ready to provide assistance in case of need.

This morning the ship was supplied with food and basic necessities.

In the next few hours part of the naval unit's migrants will be transferred to the Coast Guard 'Dattilo' ship and on an Italian Navy vessel, in order to allow the transfer of the three units to the Spanish coasts, in the conditions of possible maximum safety for the people on board.

On the 'Dattilo' ship of the Coast Guard will be present medical personnel of the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta and Unicef staff in support of minors.

The estimated navigation time is 4 days. To guarantee immediate assistance in the event of health emergencies during the transfer, the territorial Coastal Guard Commands were alerted, as well as the SaR Coordination Centers of the countries in whose waters will transit the three units".

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