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Quaranta (GD Italian ENAC) confirmed VP ECAC

For the next three years

ENAC, Italian Civil Aviation Authority, informs that "Today, on July 11, 2018, within the three-year plenary session of ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), a pan-European intergovernmental organization that brings together 44 member countries and is part of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the general director  (GD) of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), Alessio Quaranta, has been confirmed as Vice-President of the European organization.

The confirmation of the appointment to the director of ENAC, carried out free of charge as the other international positions of which he is the owner, further consolidates the strategic role of Italy in the European civil aviation sector.

For the next 3 years Quaranta, which has simultaneously received the renewal of the role of Focal Point Security & Facilitation, will also be responsible for security, namely the prevention of unlawful acts in the air and airport and for the identification of possible measures to protect against terrorism for the member countries of the ECAC.

Therefore, he will continue to deal with, as he has done since April 2016, with the application of security measures in the aeronautical field, with the aim of harmonizing, where possible, common protection measures, proposing the adoption of concrete initiatives, not yet covered by international law, in order to act in an organic manner with respect to new challenges and to further raise the level of safety in the sector.

On the other hand, regarding aspects of Facilitation, GD Quaranta will continue to follow immigration issues with the aim of sharing experiences and developing best practices on border control procedures and on implementation aspects such as automated border control systems, biometric data collection, API (Advance Passenger Information), and those called PNR (Passenger Name Record).

Also within the Facilitation, the general director is also responsible for the coordination of the provisions concerning people with reduced mobility in all the Member States of the ECAC, the database relating to complaints and, more generally, of all forms of protection of users in the sector who have disabilities or reduced mobility.

Both the harmonized security measures and the Facilitation actions at the air borders represent priority issues for civil aviation as they impact on the prevention of terrorism and, in some aspects, on the management of immigration issues in the airport.

The president of ENAC Vito Riggio comments positively the important confirmation: 'I wish good luck to the director Quaranta who continues to bring the skills and professionalism of the Italian aeronautical system to Europe and in international context, giving it a strategic role in the sector, making a significant contribution to the overall improvement of safety and to the fair and compatible development of air transport'.

The confirmation of Quaranta as Vice-President of ECAC is in addition to other prestigious roles over the years by DG of Enac in international organizations including:

member of the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) Coordination Committee since September 2011;

Focal Point ECAC, for Security and Facilitation policies in Europe, from April 2016;

Focal Point ECAC for Training, from November 2011 to May 2017;

chairman of the Board of Directors JAA-TO (Joint Aviation Authorities-Training Organization) since September 2014;

member of the Provisional Council (PC), of the Coordination Committee of the Provisional Council (PCC) since September 2010;

member of the BoD of the Easti Foundation (European Aviation Security Training Institute) since November 2014;

member of the Board of Directors EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) since December 2010;

president of the ICAO Legal Commission during the 39th general assembly (September-October 2016), office held for the first time by an Italian in seventy years of the organization's history;

president of the Easti Foundation (European Aviation Security Training Institute) since March 2017;

interim director of the Easti Foundation since August 2017;

president of the EATEO (European Association of Aviation Training and Educational Organizations) since November 2017.

The election of Director Quaranta took place in the context of the ECAC plenary assembly, (July 10-11) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The Deputy Director General of ENAC Alessandro Cardi also took part for Italy.

The assembly happened in front of the general directors of civil aviation of the 44 member States, and had the participation, among others, also representatives of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), of the international regional associations sister companies ECAC, European Union, Eurocontrol, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), IATA (International Air Transport Association) and Aci Europe (Airports Council International-Europe).

The director moderated the session dedicated to the comparison of the European priorities for the next ICAO General Assembly of 2019 in the Security & Facilitation field. The participants also shared a consideration on the important achievements reached in the various areas of activity over the last three years and on the major challenges facing the sector.

Finally ECAC, founded in 1955, has among its main objectives to promote the European air transport system in a safe, efficient and sustainable way and to harmonize civil aviation policies among the Member States".

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