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"Renzi" aircraft: Alitalia terminates contract with Etihad

It remains to be seen how much Italy will have to pay for this

Breking news from Italy. Despite the proposal of the carrier Etihad to reduce by 60% the cost of the monthly leasing tranche relating to the Airbus A-340/500 -one of the Italian state aircraft-, the Conte Government has decided to rescind the contract of the disputed aircraft strongly by the former premier Matteo Renzi.

The three extraordinary Commissioners of Alitalia never express in favor of the dissolution of the agreement, but the worst case was that of a new agreement between Rome and Etihad, which would have effectively taken away important revenue for the airline. To avoid this in a note the commissioners announced the termination of the aircraft leasing contract: "Following receipt of the request of the Ministry of Defense to wind up the leasing contract relating to the Airbus A-340/500 made available to the The Italian government, the extraordinary commissioners of the company, assessed the interests of the extraordinary administration, exercised the power conferred on them by the law and sent the communication to wind up the leasing contract stipulated with Etihad regarding the same aircraft ".

Act that puts an end to the debated and little used "Air Force Renzi", although it will now be clear how much Italy will have to pay to the Emirate air carrier for this unilateral decision.

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