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Chicago-O'Hare: protest today that aims to block the airport

The demonstrators want to occupy the highway

Yesterday during a demonstration held in Chicago, it was threatened the blockade of the access routes of the Chicago-O'Hare airport for the "Labor Day" scheduled in the United States today. The goal of the protesters would be to create huge disruptions in the second largest airport in the United States -one of the main in the world- in such a way as to reach the ear of all America their grievances against violence and the few job opportunities in the poor parts of the Illinois city.

The group of protesters will not be able to block the airport directly; the plan is to occupy the highway to and from the O'Hare creating inconveniences to people arriving and departing, in one of the periods of the year when there are many planes that take off and which will rest on the infrastructure. The Police of the Illinois has obviously said that they are ready to stop the demonstrators before they can block the traffic "preparing for all the contingencies".

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