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Aeroméxico: the three pilots of the plane crashed in Durango were fired

Despite the reason for the accident, it was bad weather

Breaking international news. Despite yesterday the investigators of the accident that involved the Embraer E-190 aircraft of Aeromexico have claimed that to cause it was the violent disturbance that was crashing on the airport of Durango, the airline has decided to lay off the three pilots of the flight.

The announcement of Aeromexico came through a letter sent to the workers in which the CEO Andres Conesa wrote of how "independently of the tests that indicate factors related to the climate as a cause of the accident, the conduct of the three pilots in the cockpit it did not comply with the established protocols violating company procedures". So the real reason for the dismissal of the three pilots is that a pilot in training was in place of the co-pilot during take-off, when instead he should just watch the maneuver.

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