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Dublin: EUR 900 million to expand the airport

In anticipation of the increase in the number of aircraft in transit

By 2023, works should begin to expand Dublin airport in order to allow it to manage up to 40 million passengers a year, for an expense of around 900 million euros, to be added to the 320 million that will be invested from the company owning the structure (DAA, Dublin Airport Authority) for the construction of a new runway.

The CEO Dalton Philips explained to "Irish Times" how in addition to the new track, to cope with the increase in traffic expected in the coming years will need to build new terminals and new gates to be ready to manage it, otherwise airlines could decide to bet on other airports by penalizing the capital of Ireland. These jobs would be paid entirely by DAA without -according to what was said by Philips- that this should increase airport taxes (hard to imagine how it is possible), especially should be done quickly because the airport is "full" as said by the same to.

A problem also advanced by Aer Lingus that would have repeatedly complained about the lack of parking for aircraft inside the airport, as well as by Ryanair. At the end of the month, DAA will present the plan to the commission that regulates the Irish civil aviation so that it can have an opinion on the expansion project, which could be put into practice even before 2023; construction could start as early as September 2019, when the new five-year airport charges will be established.

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