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Planes. Aeroméxico pilots announce strike

Protests against the cut of the free flight inside the cockpit

The pilots of the Aeroméxico company announced a strike for the First of October in response to the decision of the air carrier to suspend some of their benefits; after the Embraer E-190 accident at Durango airport in early August due to bad weather. However, the investigation by the Mexican Civil Aviation Agency revealed that a pilot in the company's training during take-off was in place of the co-pilot, without Aeroméxico having authorized him.

This is because the carrier allowed the pilots to fly for free by settling in the cockpit. This benefit was precisely the object of the cut made by the airline. The Mexican union replied: "This benefit is used by pilots to move from their homes to the main hub of Mexico City, and the unilateral decision will affect around 2400 employees by violating the collective labor agreement". The airline defended itself saying that there is no violation of the contract, since the "pilots can still travel without paying the plane ticket, but must remain outside the cockpit".

Despite the declaration of Aeroméxico, however, the strike will be implemented on October 1st.

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