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FedEx: problem in the number of pilots for the carrier

Proposed to remain to those who should retire

The FedEx freight company is trying to keep employees in service who should retire next year, offering them a bonus of $ 40,000 and more than $ 110,000 a year to continue piloting aircraft waiting for the arrival of new staff. The problem for the airline is represented by the fact that new pilots are scarce while the number of freight-transport requests is constantly increasing; if it could not keep the current standards, the crisis that FedEx would enter could cause an economic disaster for the United States, since all supply chains would be affected all over the world. The offer that would have been made by the airline reflects however the main problem for the future of civil aviation, ie the global shortage of pilots that could go to undermine the regular transport services of goods but also of people. Serious matter that will be faced by states and air carriers called to create new schools for pilots -cushioning the costs of licenses- and at the same time trying to re-form a "culture of flight", which has been lost over the years.

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