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Aircraft. USA: today Trump signs new civil aviation act

A new regulation will be drawn up by the FAA

The United States President Donald Trump will sign today the act that will give the police and armed forces the ability to take down drones (UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles) considered threatening for national security, in addition to the design of recently approved by the Congress there is an obligation for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to draw up a new regulation that will allow, among other things, the use of commercial drones for the delivery of parcels, thus favoring the sites e-commerce advocates of this innovation. In addition to this, the FAA will have to establish the minimum dimensions for the passenger seats going to also vary the maximum time for the evacuation of the aircraft, currently set at 90 seconds. The new law on civil aviation also favors the airlines as it contains the tacit approval to increase the cost of baggage on the ticket in order to contain the decline in profits due to the increase in fuel costs. Last, but not least, in the rules that will be drawn up by the FAA there will be both the absolute prohibition for passengers and to make phone calls in flight, both to smoke the e-cigar, which will be compared to all effects to normal cigarettes.

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