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USA. The Gray Eagle ER will soon be in service for the Army

The evolution of Predator A will fly for 42 hours

The General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle ER (Extended Range) -the new UAV (Unmanned Aerial Veichle)- will soon enter service in the US Armed Forces after have passed the tests required by the US Army, which will be the first user of the evolution of Predator A. The capabilities of this new drone will allow the oldest American armed force to be able to carry a greater load at higher speeds, but especially on board the Gray Eagle ER will be staked twice the fuel of the previous model -also through an external tank- making it remain in flight for a good 42, against the current 25 of the model from which it was developed. Despite the increase in take-off weight created by the major fuel, the missiles (AGM-114 Hellfire and AIM-92 Stinger) and the bombs (GBU-44 /B Viper Strike) that can be attached to the external attachment points will not suffer reduction, allowing the current fire capacity to be maintained.

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