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China: the world's largest transport UAV takes off

The Feihong-98 can be used in remote areas of the country

China tries to make technological advances also with regard to drones (UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that can make commercial connections. On Tuesday -as reported by the Chinese press- the China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology carried out the first flight test of the Feihong-98, the largest unmanned transport aircraft that it can carry up to 1.5 tons of weight. In order to get to this drone, the Chinese researchers started from the 1960s Shifei Y5B, which was modified to make it possible to control it remotely, taking advantage of its accessible cost and its simple mechanics. The FH-98 could enter service soon, especially to allow transportation to be carried out in remote areas of the country since it can also operate on short dirt runways, being able to take off or land in about 150 meters.

Below, the video of the first take-off:

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