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Drone aircraft for the search for missing in the mountains?

A three-dimensional map would be sent via a laser

In order to identify people dispersed in isolated and difficult places to reach or where there is no possibility for them to use satellite navigators, a solution could soon arrive from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Researchers at the prestigious MIT are working to allow drones (UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to create three-dimensional terrain maps using special lasers. In this way the hikers would not run the risk of getting lost or getting stuck and if it were to happen they could find a way back to the starting point; at the same time it would allow rescuers to identify people even in areas hidden by trees in the forests, where it is not possible to use the GPS to send the position.

An eventuality that would be made possible with these drones, which would be totally autonomous and would carry out a research working in group sharing data between them and with the station on the ground, from where it would evaluate the best way of intervention helped by the information gathered with the lasers UAVs who would give all the necessary information to reach people in need. At the same time it would be possible to map the terrain by continuously updating the map in three dimensions.

Below, the video of the MIT:

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