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Israel: critics to Netanyahu for the cost of the new State aircraft

Debate at the Knesset for the last tranche of the financing

Clash in the debat of today at the Knesset at regard of the financing for a State aircraft for the exclusive benefit of the Prime Minister and the Head of State of Israel, which is already under construction at the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and which would do not use the aircraft of the carrier El Al. The oppositions criticize the high cost for its realization that according to "Haaretz" would amount to about 140 million euros, although an official commission had asked not to use "scheduled" aircraft for the movements of the political summits.

A question of safety since the airplane under construction at IAI will have defensive systems and will have electronic warfare capabilities, being able to operate even during flights and in situations of maximum criticality. Nonetheless, critical opposition Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu demanded more comfort on board, further increasing the final cost of the plane.

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