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USA: authorized sale of Patriot missile systems to Turkey

Will it lead to cancellation of the order for the Russian S-400s?

Despite the order for the S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems from Russia, Turkey also obtained permission from the US State Department to purchase the Patriot MIM-104E and PAC-3 missiles, as well as associated equipment. A contract that could be worth about 3.5 billion dollars, which comes after the double Turkish rejection in 2013 and in 2017 linked to the fact that the United States would not have given the green light to the transfer of part of the technology to the industries of Ankara. Having received the authorization to sell it is easy to imagine that an agreement was also found for this topic debated, but above all it remains to be seen whether Turkey will proceed to purchase the Patriot instead of the S-400.

Just the latter -in addition to divergent views in international politics- was among the points of greatest clash between Ankara and Washington: the latter also proposed the stop to export of F-35 aircraft if Turkey had continued to purchase the system missile from Russia. The US Senate will now have to give its green light to the sale, but in the meantime the two governments will be able to start negotiating to find an agreement that could restore full allied dignity within NATO to Turkey.

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