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Russia: collision in flight between two Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft

The pilots would have been ejected

This morning two Sukhoi Su-34 airplanes of the Russian Air Force collided during a flight over the Sea of Japan during a training, and all 4 pilots on board -according to the Russian press- ejected. Two Mil Mi-8 helicopters and an Antonov An-12 patrol aircraft were sent to the site to try and identify the pilots so they can check their condition and transport them to the hospital. In addition, the Antonov crew is also looking for possible wreckage of the two Su-34 fighter-bombers so that they can start the recovery in order to start the investigation of the accident. One of the Sukhoi Su-34 pilots was recovered at sea and would be in good health, while the other 3 are still missing.

Today's is the seventh accident in the last 11 months involving Sukhoi Su-34 -also in previous versions Su-27 and Su-30. The fighter-bomber has been developed since the late 80s and entered service in 2014, allowing the Russian Air Force to operate operationally a 4++ generation aircraft capable of flying at a speed equal to 1.8 that of sound transporting up to 8 tons of bombs and air-to-ground missiles, in an operating range of 4000 km if not equipped with the three additional fuel tanks.

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