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USA: Pentagon warns about the risks of anti-satellite laser weapons

China and Russia would be working on it

A new report by the US Department of Defense warned that China and Russia would be developing laser weapons capable of destroying satellites in orbit, in an attempt to threaten the pre-eminent position of the United States and the West. A challenge for the security of communications, observation, navigation and data collection that comes at a crucial time for space exploration and China is making giant strides in the sector, managing to "beat" the United States sending for the first time a probe on the hidden side of the Moon. In addition, Beijing has the ambition to bring astronauts to the Earth's natural satellite and to build a space station in the Earth's orbit, which will replace the current ISS (International Space Station). Chinese policy is among the reasons that led President Donald Trump to propose the creation of a "Space Force" in an attempt to reaffirm US superiority in the sector.

Not only for research but also for military purposes because space will be the "new frontier" of the clash between powers, especially in the field of anti-satellite armaments. To respond to developments in Moscow and Beijing, the Pentagon suggests increasing the defense capabilities of US satellites with both active defense (anti-laser and missile) and passive (electronic warfare countermeasure) tools, especially as the goal of the administration Trump is to put in the space of the probes with sensors to detect possible ballistic missiles directed to the US territory.

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