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Plane crash Sala: expert excludes a technical failure

The engine had been changed in 2012

There are still many points to be clarified on the plane crash of January 21, where the striker Emiliano Sala, who was reaching Cardiff (in Wales) in a Piper PA-46 Malibu crashed in the English Channel, lost his life. After the body of Sala has been recovered, it is still to be found that of the pilot David Ibbotson,  but above all the dynamics of the accident have not yet been reconstructed and what has actually caused it. In an audio sent by Sala in the course of the flight the Argentine emphasized the fact that the Piper trembled which advanced the ice hypothesis on the wings as the cause of the fatal crash; to this reconstruction was added the one that is inclined for a failure of the turboprop engine. An hypothesis that could be to be discarded. To declare it to "El Pais" Eduardo Hernandez is a pilot who evaluated the Piper PA-46 in question when in 2015 the then owner decided to sell it to the company Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee, in the course of the analysis carried out on the plane emerged That was in good condition and the engine had been changed in 2012. For this reason Hernandez was skeptical about a possible failure at the base of the incident, proposing to investigators as an expert for investigations that -according to him- should be addressed elsewhere.

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