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Elettronica to equip the new Sprinter vehicle

With electronic monitoring and surveillance capabilities

Elt GmbH, homeland security center of competence of Elettronica Group, in the frame of "Idex Exhibition" (see AVIONEWS) has presented its excellence in bodybuilding of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter new generation.

Elt GmbH, as specialist firm, leaded by Marcello Mariucci, for sensor integration, has equipped the new Sprinter vehicle with electronic monitoring and observation capabilities.

Multipurpose sensors, such as HD and IR cameras, voice interception microphones, RF detection and direction finders, encryption servers and facial recognition programs, are installed and integrated into Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle bus system for multi mission purposes.

Elt GmbH homeland security solution architecture, named MUROS, provides reusable components for turnkey-solutions for operators with heterogeneous capabilities according to the encountered situations:

Video surveillance and documentation

Urban and border surveillance

Communication monitoring and decoding

Voice interception

Drone and small UAV detection.

Photo gallery From left to right: Marcus Ernst – Ing. Domitilla Benigni (COO Elettronica) – Marcello Mariucci (Managing Director Elt GmbH)
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