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Airbus: German vetoes create problems for the export of aircraft

Not only the fighters, but also the transport aircraft and the civil helicopters

The list of military aircraft and helicopters to be exported by Airbus and blocked by the German government is very long, so much so that the A-330 MRTT and Casa strategic and tactical transport aircraft should be added to the Eurofighter Typhoon armed by Meteor missiles C-295 and the H-145 aircraft in the civil version. Sales that Berlin has not blocked only to Saudi Arabia, but also to the United Arab Emirates, India and Indonesia going to cause significant damage to the industries of the various member countries of the Airbus consortium, both economic and image. Airbus has seen its appeal in terms of military supplies fall due to the strict rules for export imposed by Germany. To make the matter even more absurd is the fact that by blocking the Eurofighter Typhoon package for Saudi Arabia -according to "La Tribune"- the Berlin government will automatically stop the production of the fighter for other customers, including the same German aviation because London has always refused to change that production lot.

If the Berlin position does not change, it could lead to the decision to exclude German industry from any future European cooperation program, including the sixth generation fighter plane and the future tank, as Germany's lack of reliability would undermine the ability to any project that would risk never being exported to third countries. Obviously, France and Germany are trying to find an agreement that satisfies both, but above all that guarantees the effective implementation of the principles on which the idea of creating a European Common Defense Industry is based; also because the international credibility of each product would be minimal and would foster competition from other companies in the sector.

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