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Plane crash Sala: will it be a long legal battle?

Two problems: the investigation and insurance

The plane crash in which the Cardiff striker -who was bought by Nantes- Emiliano Sala lost his life could have a long legal following both for the investigation and for the insurance on the player. On the first side, yesterday, the Air Accident Investigation Branch published a preliminary report which underlines how the Piper PA-46 Malibu used in the route was subjected to ordinary maintenance in November 2018 and had not emerged significant problems on the main components, but also explained that the aircraft crashed into the English Channel in vertical, breaking into three parts after the impact with water. What caused this incident has not been clarified yet but in the recordings it was highlighted how the pilot (David Ibbotson still missing at sea) had requested an emergency landing just before the loss of control, and this suggests that there was some kind of problem on the Piper.

As for the insurance aspects -according to the British press- the plane chartered for the transfer from Nantes to Cardiff would have been without a commercial license for passenger transport, and for this reason the Welsh team could not be "reimbursed" the cost of the card by Emiliano Sala. This could lead to very long legal disputes between the two companies and the player's attorney, who would be the one who opted for this type of transfer to Cardiff rather than take advantage of the option proposed by the team's management, or to arrive in Paris by train and then get on a plane to London.

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