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B-737 MAX airplane: still work for software and pilot training

US carriers cancel flights until the end of April

Technicians from American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United went to the Boeing B-737 MAX aircraft production plant last Saturday to be able to have initial explanations about the software update of the automatic anti-stall system, which should be made operational in the coming weeks and that will oblige pilots of the new generation to undergo a new training phase. Changes and improvements made necessary by the double incident of the B-737 MAX 8, which first in Indonesia on October 29 and then in Ethiopia on March 10th fell shortly after take-off presumably also due to an error in the Angle of Attack (AoA) sensor which caused the inclusion of the anti-stall system. Despite the fact that the software is practically ready and that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has said it is willing to certify the aircraft again, the manufacturer has not given a certain date when the B-737 MAX will return to be operating all over the world.

By April, however, the software should be certified and the new training for the crews can be started, including an exercise to be carried out with Boeing technicians to teach pilots to deactivate the automatic anti-stall system. The idea is to make the B-737 MAX 100% safe in order to rebuild the confidence of the companies and passengers in the next-generation aircraft that is the main product and source of income for the US aerospace company. Meanwhile, however, cancellations of flights due to the grounding of the B-737 MAXs for US companies will continue at least until mid-April, when the FAA is thought to be able to give permission to use them again.

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