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The Netherlands: an F-16 fighter shot itself with its own cannon

An investigation has been opened for a more unique than rare case

According to local press reports, a Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft from the Royal Netherlands Air Force shooted itself with its own cannon 20 mm gun during an exercise at the Vlieland shooting range. A "curious" incident occurred on 21 January 2019 but made public only yesterday, when a pics of the damage caused by the shots of the M61 Vulcan was published on "Twitter". The pilot was not injured and even managed to land the fighter safely at the base in Leeuwarden, where an investigation is underway to see how it was possible for the F-16 to be "shot alone" "so as to prevent it from happening again in the future. Wim Bagerbos, the Dutch Inspector General of the Department of Defense, told to the local press that the Air Force considers this "a serious accident, because it could have caused serious damage to pilots and maintenance technicians". Not only for this reason, however, because what happened is considered practically impossible, and one remembers only one similar case in September 1956 when a US test pilot shooted down a Grumman F-11F Tiger due to the damage caused by the bullets fired by the 20 mm rotating gun.

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