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Merkel's fan causes inconvenience to the State plane

To take picture, forget the brake, and the van hits the fuselage

The series of unfortunate episodes that have played a role in the German State fleet continues, including the aircraft normally used by Chancellor Angela Merkel for her institutional flights. Yesterday at Dortmund airport, according to "Der Spiegel" reported it, a lady from the airport in charge of driving a service van, realizing the landing of the aircraft, and enthusiasm at the sight of the "Federal Republic of Germany" sign on the fuselage she fell precipitously from the vehicle to take pictures, forgetting however to pull the handbrake.

It happened that while the lady was photographing, the van was crashing into the plane, getting stuck under the nose. Conclusion: the aircraft remained in Dortmund at the disposal of the technicians for the verification of the damage, while the Chancellor -who at the time was not at the airport but was returning from a visit to the University of Wuppertal, near Dortmund-, has had to return to Berlin by helicopter.

Already last November, Merkel had missed the opening of the G20 summit in Argentina after her aircraft was forced to land safely shortly after taking off from Berlin. In October, however, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz remained at ground in Indonesia after an International Monetary Fund summit due to a fault in electrical cables caused by some rodents. The government of Berlin is currently in contact with the lack of institutional aircraft precisely following the series of incidents to its State fleet.

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