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It has a damage at the take off from Cologne: plane lands safely in Tel Aviv

Electra Airways B-737 leaves tire parts on the runway -2 VIDEO

A flight "suffered" that carried out today by a B-737 aircraft (LZ-EBA registration) of the Bulgarian Electra Airways carrying a total of 152 passengers and crew. The aircraft taking off from the "Konrad Adenauer" airport in Cologne-Bonn had suffered damage to one of the tires, so much so that it had left behind tire parts on the runway. However, the commander decided to continue the connection to Tel-Aviv as planned, where he landed at the "Ben Gurion" airport in complete safety after activating the emergency procedures. No consequences for the people on board. And no repercussions seem to have occurred even at the airport of departure, whose traffic could be resumed after the runway had been freed from debris from the wheel.

The Israeli press reported the fact that the Tel Aviv airport was preparing to receive a -737 with a damaged tire at around 4:00pm local time. Not knowing yet which wheel it was interested in, or the extent of the damage, officials reported that before touching the ground the airplane would carry out a close overflight of the control tower to allow workers to observe the status of the landing gear.

The images below show the arrival and emergency landing in Tel-Aviv:

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