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ESA carrier Vega failed launch (2)

The rocket sank two minutes later - VIDEO

The mission of the European carrier Vega ended two minutes after the launch started in the night by the Kourou base in French Guyana (see AVIONEWS). The European Space Agency (ESA) rocket was supposed to take into orbit the Falcon Eye 1 satellite, owned by the United Arab Emirates, but lost its trajectory after the first stage detachment and then fell into the Ocean Atlantic. The French company Arianespace, responsible for the launch, apologized to its customers for the loss of the satellite that had been created in partnership by Airbus and Thales.

This was the 15th launch, the first one to fail. Avio title on the stock market, the company that produced the launcher in the plants in Colleferro, close to Rome, was suspended after losing 15%. According to "Emirates News Agency", preparations are already underway for the launch of the second Falcon Eye 2 satellite.

DDB - 1222971

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency