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New Alitalia: there are offers. Atlantia favourite

Di Maio: "Railways choose the most ambitious and not the most conservative"

Atlantia, Toto Group, German Efromovich, Claudio Lotito. These are the four non-binding offers placed by the deadline on the table of the FS advisor, Mediobanca, for the constitution of the newco through which to resurrect Alitalia. As the FS itself informs in a statement (see AVIONEWS) the four confirmations of interest will be subjected to evaluation with the support of the credit institution, from the industrial and financial point of view in the board of directors scheduled for 12:30pm today. In addition to the four proposals there are also FS, Mef and Delta Airlines: Ferrovie and Treasure will constitute the public nucleus strongly desired by the minister in charge of the dossier, Luigi Di Maio.

The assessments will then be reported to the Mise and to the extraordinary commissioners of the carrier, for the constitution of the consortium that could not be at first, divided into quotas. The offers will allow proposers who pass the FS exam (and Mediobanca) to finalize future corporate governance and the business plan. But the long-awaited solution is confirmed to be Atlantia since "it seems the most structured and compatible". According to some analysts the indications of Toto, Efromovich and Lotito would distort the original plan that Atlantia would like to revise in the part in which it does not create a development in North America in order not to invade the Delta field, asking for a further enhancement of Fiumicino (airport managed by its subsidiary AdR). The new allies will probably sit around the work table tonight to review the plan.

But precisely for this reason the times are getting longer: at two years and two months from the commissioner the only certainty is that Alitalia will return to being a national airline. The today's board of Ferrovie will be able to ascertain the constitution of the acquiring consortium to formalize it to the extraordinary commissioners of Alitalia and to the Mise, that they will examine. But for the preparation of the business plan and the presentation of the binding offer, extra time will be required. "It is hoped that the board of directors of Fs will decide as soon as possible and choose among the most ambitious and not the most conservative offers, Alitalia needs to return to play in attack and not in defense", commented Di Maio, while sources by MISE they argue that "the numerous offers received demonstrate the goodness of the market operation".

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