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North Korea launched two missiles

The action undermines the dialogue with the United States and awakens the atomic threat - VIDEO

North Korea launched two missiles from the Hodo Peninsula, near the city of Wonsan, towards the Sea of Japan on July 24th at 10:34 pm and 10:57 pm Italian time. A military threat that compromises the resumption of the dialogue between Trump and Kim Jong-un. The operation has been called deplorable by the Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya; furthermore, if it was as suspected of the Russian short-range "Iskander" ballistic missiles, already tested by the North Koreans last April (see AVIONEWS), the resolutions of the United Nations (UN) on nuclear weapons would have been violated. In recent days, "CNN" already broadcast the images of an inspection by the North Korean dictator of the submarine capable of launching multiple warhead nuclear missiles.

The UN has sanctioned North Korea several times and the economy has suffered to the point of registering the lowest growth of the last 20 years.
According to the Russian analyst Andrei Lankov, "Kim will try to remind the world and the House White that  without concessions about sanctions he is able to upset East Asia".

See the video of the images broadcast by "CNN":

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