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USA: Orlando, Freeport and Palm Beach airports closed

The fury of the "Dorian" hurricane hits the Bahamas - VIDEO

The airports of Palm Beach, Freeport and Orlando have been closed since the night of September 2 due to the "Dorian" hurricane: US President Donald Trump said that the fury of the elements could be devastating and the alert was triggered with evacuations in Florida and South Carolina for over one million people.

Now in "category 5", the maximum level on the "Saffir Simpson" scale that measures the power of hurricanes, meteorologists have stated that the situation is catastrophic, the worst ever recorded, perhaps it is one of the strongest hurricanes in modern history with winds of almost 320 km for hour.

The state of emergency has also been made official in Georgia. Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis sent a heartbreaking message: "Dorian is a deadly monster. Pray for us".

Below, a video about the "Dorian" hurricane:

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