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The Indian lunar dream is not broken yet

ISRO will try to re-establish contact for two weeks with the lander

After Russia, the United States and China, India could become the fourth country to "set foot" on the Moon, but we will have to wait for new communications to understand if the dream broked on September 7: after the failure of the Israeli probe last February "Beresheet" (see AVIONEWS) also the Indian space module "Vikram" of the "Chandrayaan-2" mission (see AVIONEWS), launched in 2008, after having lost track of itself, crashed on the landing module. Great disappointment not only for Isro (Indian Space Research Organization), head of the program, but also for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people who organize celebrations for every space success, pray in temples and mosques. However, it would not seem all lost: Kailasavadivo Sivan, President of ISRO, announced on September 8: "We have found 'Vikram' on the surface of the Moon and I am sure we can connect with it to successfully complete the Chandrayaan 2 mission".

We therefore await new developments regarding the mission that has the important task of bringing the rover to the Moon between two selenium craters that could contain ice deposited by celestial bodies and comets: India will try to establish contacts with it for two weeks.

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