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"Brexit": vote in December and "exit" to January 31st

Today the House of Commons commences the procedure for early elections

The United Kingdom could go to the vote in December after the postponement of its exit from the European Union on January 31 (see AVIONEWS). Still to define the conditions for the start of the electoral campaign and Jeremy Corbyn, Labor leader declared himself satisfied by announcing on post of the social network "Twitter": "We intend to launch now the most radical campaign of change in the Country that we have ever seen. It's a generation's chance to build a country for the many, not the few. It's time to do it".

Today the House of Commons will begin the procedure for the approval of early elections and the debate on the date is still on. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like it to be December 12 to have time to conclude laws and practices relating to Northern Ireland, while Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party (SNP) would like to advance to the 9th of the same month.

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