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"AstroLuca" and the extra-vehicular exit of tomorrow

In the cosmic void to repair a particle detector - VIDEO

On Friday November 15 the commander of the International Space Station (ISS) Luca Parmitano will lead the next extra-vehicular mission of the astronauts. "AstroLuca" and his American colleague Andrew Morgan will begin the complex operations to repair "Ams" (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) designed to search for new types of particles (for example those related to antimatter and dark matter) through high measurement precision in the composition of cosmic rays. The results will help scientists understand the laws underlying the formation of the universe and will provide evidence of the existence of types of matter that cannot be detected or produced in the laboratory, such as dark matter. The purpose of the space exit is to replace the cooling system and repair a leak: the detector has been in orbit since 2011 and is therefore normally subject to wear.

Below, a video of ESA (European Space Agency) regarding the extra-vehicular walk of tomorrow to repair "Ams":

RC3 - 1225845

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