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Russian satellite constellations: soon the launch of three rockets

The mass in orbit from the Plesetsk cosmodrome next December 26

The launch of the "Rokot" rocket scheduled for December 26th will bring three "Gonets-M" telecommunications satellites to space. This was announced today by Oleg Khimochko, deputy general manager of the Gonets Satellite System company. The platforms were brought to the Plesetsk space launch center in northwestern Russia towards the end of November to begin preparations for the launch. The carrier will be used in its old version for the last time: new "Rokot-M" models will be used for subsequent launches.

Gonets is a Russian constellation of civil telecommunications satellites. The first structures were launched in 1992 from the Pleseck cosmodrome with a "Tsyklon-3" carrier and were called "Gonets-D". The satellites currently in orbit are twelve: ten are operational and two were sent into space for demonstration purposes.

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