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Nasa: two mannequins on the Moon and on Mars

A project to measure radiation

NASA will send two mannequins to the Moon with the "Artemis 1" mission in 2020. One will wear an anti-radiation vest called "StemRad" and another will be unprotected. Scientists will examine the amount of harmful emissions from the sun and space.

The "Artemis 1" project, also known as "Exploration Mission-1", is the first of a series of expeditions on the selenium satellite and on Mars. The problem of radiation is very delicate as it could cause health problems for astronauts and even sudden death. It would seem that the jacket is able to protect human tissues, especially stem cells, which could be devastated by solar radiation in deep space or on Mars.

"We are very happy to participate in this initiative", said Thomas Berger, head of the biophysics team at the German aerospace center (DLR) during the International Space Congress which took place in October. Berger will be entrusted with the task of monitoring the tests.

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